Margaret Hyne Knitwear is staging a revival. Margaret started the company in the 1970's after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art. As part of the knitwear resurgence at the time, her textiles transformed the Scottish knitwear design industry. Her collections of sweaters, jackets, skirts and hats were being exported all over the world by the end of the 1990's. After a break of over twenty years, the designer has returned to Scotland and has been creating hats and scarves in both contemporary and traditional designs.

Inspiration comes from Scotland's hills and landscapes, and our unique northern colour palette and atmosphere. The designs are knitted in natural, luxurious yarns including cashmere, lambswool, and a beautiful silk/wool mixture, with a high degree of hand knit skill and machine knit creativity. Designed and produced in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Photography and website design by Rosie Boyko

Hats modelled by Rachel and Amy